Friday, September 4, 2009

New work

So I've been absent from the blog landscape for a little while, but i am back now with a bunch of new work to show off. I welcome your comments, I'd especially like suggestions of which of these new pieces yould be introduced to my online gallery at

This piece is based on Rapunzel by the brothers Grimm. Its a digital painting in photoshop using a wacom. Its ok but it took sooo long and honestly i think it would have turned out better had i just painted it.

The brief for this piece was to do an ad for an online dating service based on the tagline 'On the prowl'. I did a lot of roughs before settling on this one.

I also tried a B&W version of this image with the love heart in red. I am still divided on which one i like best.

This is an update of a poster i did for the band The Submarines. I really like it!