Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SKetchbook 3 out now!

Well, after a lot of hard work and late nights, the latest edition of sketchbook is finished and now available. You can pick it up at sticky or polyester now, and it will be in a few more shops around melbourne (like minotaur, brunswick bound, and others) when i get around to dropping copies into them. Or you can buy it online from

This is the first sketchbook to include bona fide comic strips as well as illustrations, musings and sketches. I'm pretty happy with it and i am planning to do lots more comics in the next issue. I am also thinking about doing longer comic stories and maybe even serializing stories over several issues.

I had a launch party for this edition just before christmas on Friday 19 December. It was modestly attended, but the group of people that came were really great and it had a really fun, open vibe and everyone seemed to mingle well. The only downside is that a couple of people got lost trying to find the place, so i think next time i will print a map on the invites :P

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