Friday, March 2, 2012

New works!

Okay, so i've been a bit absent from the blogging landscape recently. Its not because I haven't been doing things, its been because i have been doing SO many things that communicating with friends and fans has fallen by the wayside.

I spent most of January (and a bit of december last year too) drawing a 6 page crime comic for Black House Comics Criminal Element anthology. Here is a sample page (click on the thumbnail for a larger picture :

The book is was launched at the Big Arse Comic Launch no. 2, which was a big success.

I spent the rest of January and most of February doing art direction, graphic design and production work on 3 graphic novels (Bruce Mutards Strip Show, Tim Molloys It Shines and Shakes and Laughs, Scarlette Bachini's Zombolette) for Milk Shadow Books. All of these books are now available to buy on the MSB website. I am working on a couple of other graphic novels for MSB, will post more details when i am allowed to talk about them :)

In the midst of this i have been working on Zombified Commissions as well.

And did I mention that I got married last weekend? Life has been busy :) I hope to return to the blogosphere more regularly from hereon in.

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